ABACUS is a world-building project for the collective concept art book "Battle Milk 3". Abacus was born out of my love for old fashioned adventures. When the Battle Milk team invited me to join them in their continuing publication, I saw nothing more fitting than to pay homage to the serials adventures that took me to the uncharted. For Abacus, I wanted to fuse the inspirations from various myths to create a potentially rich world that Abacus and a cast of characters and places could occupy. With that thought in mind, I set out on a mission of world-building. This is only the beginning of Abacus. It is a story of an antiquarian whose own origin eludes him. In his many adventures he will discover an underworld that mirrors our own, various friends and foes, and a secret society that is the nexus of all things arcane. Unknown to him, each quest of ancient artifacts and the uncharted places will only bring him closer to his past. Through a series of images enhanced by back stories Abacus finally came to be. It’s my hope he will continue to take me on many more journeys. Feel free to pick up a copy of Battle Milk 3 available at various online booksellers. Please click on the images to see larger version.

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